• A message to my students

    My dear students, these are your formative years. You are the future of India. Learn to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong. Make it a habit to be polite, honest, truthful, fair and just as these are the base of a strong character.

    Have a positive attitude, Keep striving, Never ever give up in life. “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

    Seema Bapna

  • Karate

    Karate means “Empty hands”. It means fight without weapon. Karate is a way where our body & mind works together. This art makes a person mentally & physically fit. Karate will make its debut appearance at the summer Olympics in 2020. It is an art of self defense. Karate training develops good manners, self confidence and respect for their elder in the Children.

    Hemendra Singh Chauhan (Black Belt “Sandan”)


    You must be very clear about your aim. Once you have decided what your aim is you should concentrate all your energies and time in order to achieve the aim.

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    Watch your thoughts, they become words.

    Watch your words, they become actions.

    Watch your actions, they become habits,

    Watch your habits, they become character.

    Watch your character, It becomes your destiny.

    Manju Sharma

  • There is more to explore

    Being one of the pillar of the foundation laid in 1999, I am happy to report that the school could achieve remarkable progress in every field. The parents expressed their great satisfaction. The great success of everything in this campus is the outcome of the unlimited co-operation of the management and the staff.

    "Beyond the stars there are worlds more,.

    Our quest yet has more test to pass,

    This existence alone does not matter,

    There are boundless journeys more,

    Do not rest on what you have,

    There are paradises more to explore.

    D. P. Yadav


    Being one of the foundational faculty of this marvellous institute I convey to all students and parents that here we do not merely focus, Only on the academics particularly but a holistic and throughout development of the character of the child is our motive as we insist on the philosophy of “sarv gyanam mayi vidyate” which means that “all that I have to learn is within me” therefore sowing that particular seed of character and wisdom is our eternal aim and for the last twenty years we are proudly doing that.

    Archana Bhatnagar